How is Tekbon training from other Training Institutes?
  • We take practical approach to educate participants during the entire course. We focus on skills development, providing tools and techniques that can be used right away in real world projects.
  • Our curriculum with hands-on exercises will help prepare participants gain knowledge and expertise required to handle the role and make a successful career.
  • Provides hands-on practice on each topic discussed during the training and assignments
  • All assignments are reviewed during the training and educate participants an issues, errors and enhance their practical understanding to accomplish tasks.
  • Tekbon targeted interview preparation sessions (TIPS) – TIPS focus on presentation skills at the interview whereas our training course focus on conceptual and practical skills to perform the job. TIPS are acting instrumental in the trainees’ success.


Does Tekbon provide training on specific topics?

Yes, we do provide topic based focused training by 2 methods.

  • On-demand which allows participant to listen to the recording(s) and review material at their own pace and reach out to trainer for additional discussion.
  • Real-time training led by instructor in-class for Chicago participants and through WebEx for online participants.


Please drop us an email with subject or topic of your interest to get pricing details and introduction material. Email us @ training@tekbon.com with your Name, Contact information and topic on which you want focused training.


What is the approach and assistance that Tekbon provide after the training?

The following list of points summarize the approach at a general level. However a focused plan will be drafted for each individual who sign-up for interview and placement assistance with Tekbon by their trainer and the trainees will have personal sessions until they are on the job successfully working.

  • Tekbon targeted interview preparation sessions (TIPS) – These sessions are conducted periodically to discuss with trainees about interview preparation, what to expect in the interviews, interview common questions on each topic/subject, addressing the questions, role plays, practical tests and guide trainees through the interview process.
  • On-Demand Videos for Interview Preparation – Tekbon will send additional recordings to trainees that are focused towards providing additional knowledge required to present themselves during the interviews.
  • Tekbon Documentation Library (TDLs) – Trainees will have access to documentation library which is a collection past interview experiences with Q and A, material on different topics, and tools.
  • Mockup Interviews – Trainers will conduct mockup interviews covering all subject areas and rate trainees time to time. This is how we practically track trainee’s performance and provide them TIPS to improve their interview skills.
  • Client Interview Preparation – Trainers will have one on one sessions with trainees before each client interview to have focused discussion about the client requirement, what to expect in the interview and how to provide response.


Why training with Tekbon?

  • Training led by practicing professionals with more than 10+ years of experience
  • Missed a Class – Listen to your pace through On-Demand
  • Hands-on sessions and Reviewing
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Personal calls to review progress
  • 24/7 access to recordings and materials
  • Retake within 1 year of the course completion
  • Tekbon Targeted Interview Preparation Sessions (TIPS)
  • Constant Monitoring and Support
  • One-on-One calls before each interview
  • Post-Placement Support


Can I attend a demo session?

Yes, to register for the demo session drop us an email @ training@tekbon.com or Call us at 847 - 517 – 1248. Please provide the Name, Contact, Course you are interested in and estimated start date.


What is the price for the training?

For pricing details, drop us an email @ training@tekbon.com or Click here or Call us at 847 - 517 – 1248.


How do I access the training video tutorials?

Once you've purchased a subscription or activated a Guest Pass, you can access the online training videos through the Tekbon Online interface. Please note that you may need to sign in to your account and need to register with Tekbon first coordinating with your training coordinator.


How are the training videos transmitted from Our Training's server to my computer?

Tutorials are viewed through Tekbon Online interface. They are delivered from a high-speed content delivery network to your computer using the standard web protocol over standard ports. By using standard web delivery mechanisms, Tekbon eliminates problems that occur with firewalls and proxies when streaming video


How long after the training the tutorials are available?

Recordings of prior classes are available for reference and accessible to trainees for up to 1 year after the training course is complete. Trainees can also opt to re-take the course with the same time, if required.