Training Services
“ We at Tekbon Inc, believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators.”

Empowering software career with the “Skills of Success” by training on the industry latest software technologies through our technologically competent and innovative training programs is the objective of Tekbon Inc. We offer training on software courses like Business Analyst, ORACLE Apps, ORACLE DBA, ORACLE Apps DBA and Business Intelligence.

Our Success is founded on our highly qualified, professional team of instructors. We have the best of bread IT professionals, most of whom are certified Professionals in various technologies with proven industrial experience. Our well-mannered instructors with excellent presentation and communication skills added with the combination of technical expertise and real world experience are committed to deliver in-depth quality training which help students to learn at their pace using well-tailored training methodology.

Tekbon Inc provides comprehensive training curriculum led by industry expert(s) who are practicing business analysis and project management for more than 10 years and sharing BA knowledge for more than 7 years.


Business Analyst

In an organization, there is a common disconnect between the technical side and the business side on many of the efforts that are conducted. Only when these two teams have been brought into a collaborative relationship with each other, any organization can truly connect IT for business success.


Business Analysts primarily focus to help fill that gap between the organizations IT and Business entities (teams). Using tekbon real-world Business Analysis training, tekbon can help learn, understand and implement methodologies, techniques and tools which shall allow you to bridge the gap between IT and Business teams and guide organization efforts to success.


Oracle Apps

Oracle E-Business Suite is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications for the enterprise. Customers are using Oracle E-Business Suite to extend the value of applications, and evolve to next-generation business applications. Oracle E-Business Suite provides business information for effective decision-making and enables an adaptive enterprise for optimal responsiveness. Tekbon Inc provides world class training services which provide customers with the functional best practices and industry-specific capabilities needed to adapt to change and compete more effectively. Our programs will enable superior Technical, Functional and application integration knowledge. Leverage your applications investment by integrating your existing applications using Oracle's pre-built, standards-based Application Integration Architecture.

We offer comprehensive coverage of Oracle E-Business Suite architecture, functionality, installation, upgrades, and configuration. Training delivered will involve, PowerPoint, Application Demonstrations and hands-on practice that will provide expertise in fundamental concepts of the applications.


Oracle Apps DBA

Oracle Applications DBA is different from an Oracle database administrator and it requires specialized skills in business administration and Oracle application server architectures. The Oracle Applications DBA job role is a skillset that aggregates traditional Oracle DBA skillset and focused Oracle applications knowledge expertise.

  • We specialized in hands-on exercises on day-to-day Apps DBA activities such as Troubleshooting, Patching, and Cloning etc.
  • We will demonstrate and drive the training with real-implementation experience and success stories, which will help students, handle Oracle Apps Database Support/Implementations issues more efficiently and productively.
  • We also provide Job Support and Resume Services on Oracle Database Administration and Oracle Apps Database Administration.
  • Tekbon strongly determined to provide real time, practical and project based knowledge transfer.
  • We undertake interactive and qualitative trainings on Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Apps Database Administration.

Oracle DBA

Oracle DBA Training aims to teach beginners and employees. Oracle, the term can be defined as trademark of RDBMS. We are the Best Oracle DBA Training provider’s in-terms of syllabus and expert teaching with certified professionals. Oracle rapidly converging all IT required solutions like middleware, storage and OS by acquiring leading core pioneers and technology players in market. It is providing very strong and unique supports to customers. Still now oracle has acquired around 40 companies and expands its wings around 90% on RDBMS and ERP tools and services and related technologies. Oracle DBA is a leading and demanding skill-sets in IT as well highly paid jobs since the role need to be handling the backbone of organization’s vital data management at large scale.


Business Intelligence

The ORACLE Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) integrates the components of the toolset to include a service-oriented architecture, data access services, an analytic and calculation infrastructure, metadata management services, a semantic business model, a security model and user preferences, and administration tools.